Bluetooth 2.1 on MacBook Pro Early 2011

Apple's current MacBook Pro specifications still list Bluetooth 2.1

There are a lot of rumors about an upcoming refresh for the MacBook Pro lineup, estimated improvements include the processor and not a major design overhaul.

Some authors have suggested that Apple will put Bluetooth 4 technology into the rumored MacBook Pros, like Apple recently did for the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, as well as the iPhone 4S. Having received a replacement MacBook Pro from Apple UK in late September (shipped form the US), I can verify that Bluetooth 4.0.1f4 is already present on my MacBook Pro.

Bluetooth 4.0.1f4 - MacBook Pro 2.2 Early 2011

Bluetooth 4.0.1f4 on my MacBook Pro (Early 2011)

The question is — has this been a quiet update in recent weeks, or has it been in the MacBook Pro (Early 2011) all along? Or did Apple mistakenly ship an updated model to me? The other specs (of the 2.2 GHz entry level version) are unchanged. More specifications of the reported Bluetooth 4 are below.

The Bluetooth 4 firmware version is: v37 c739, vendor ID: 0x5ac, and product ID: 0x821a