Apple recently released the iPhone 5 with a larger screen, faster processor, more RAM, and a new thinner/lighter design. But that’s not all…

Apple EarPods and Lightning port on iPhone 5

Photo showing Apple’s new headphones (EarPods) and the Lightning port on iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 also features two major changes that will eventually resonate in all of Apple’s products: new headphones (called EarPods), and a new USB charging/data connector (called Lightning).

We found out that the new iPod nano and iPod touch will be shipping with both Lightning and the EarPods, but what about the iPad and iPod shuffle? First, let’s take a look at the iPad.

The current version of the “new” iPad still features Apple’s old 30-pin charging connector, which has remained fundamentally unchanged since Apple’s first iPod. In the past, iPads have not been known to ship with headphones, so the lack of EarPods isn’t an indicator at this time.

Photo showing Apple's EarPods, Lightning connector and the new iPad

When can we expect the iPad to have the new EarPods and Lightning?

But the inclusion of a new connector for the iPhone, iPod nano, and iPod touch goes to suggest that the iPad will be seeing at least a minor update very soon. Perhaps with an addition of the rumored iPad mini to the lineup? Anything goes at this point, but an update is almost mandatory.

Speaking of small, let’s talk iPod shuffle.

Photo showing a mockup of the iPod shuffle with a Lightning connector and EarPods headphones

The iPod shuffle could easily have the new EarPods, but what about Lightning?

The iPod shuffle has seen many changes from generation to generation, is another one coming up?

The iPod shuffle has always been charged through a special cable because of space requirements — maybe the Lightning connector isn’t an option because it is too big and would add an extra port on the device (right now it is charged through it’s headphone jack).

In either case, Apple’s site says it still ships with the old Apple headphones. But interestingly, the new EarPods are listed as compatible with every iPod shuffle apart from the 3rd generation.

The future is not clear for the iPod shuffle. Perhaps the current price doesn’t allow for it to feature the new EarPods? Or can there be other reasons? Leave your comments below.