It’s a little bit counter-intuitive for a web development and SEO company to not have their own website. For us at BaumDesign, this has been the case for a few years already. We relied (and still rely) on our design and Google-knowing services to be spread via word-of-mouth. A very effective tool.

Nowadays, where what comes out of people’s mouths has largely moved over to the internet—we’ve decided to gain a presence here, and perhaps find some interesting clients. We’re still continuing our word-of-mouth outreach, and actually keeping it separate from this—to observe the differences.

Supposed BaumDesign Vector Logo of a Tree

The BaumDesign Logo. Actually, it's not—we never had a logo before as there was no need for it. If you click on it, you can see where this great vector came from!

Although this is a free blog on WordPress, it’s a great service nonetheless. There’s actually nothing wrong with it. It’s a little difficult to overcome the initial hump of Google assuming that it may be used for spam, but after that, it’ll be a breeze. To add to our “big” cost-savings, we’re using a trusty Gmail address (just because it’s grown on all of us), which you can find on the BaumDesign contact page. We have also started a Twitter account, where we may, or may not post updates.

Team BaumDesign

P.S. This nice WordPress theme was made by Jeff Ngan, we send our thanks, and of course appreciation for the intuitive layout and great color-scheme!